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  • Screen Printing Machine for Tempered Glass Protector

    Flatbed screen printer for phone screen protector. It's for printing black frame on 4 sides of glass protector. Widely used on glass industries. With strong vacuum system to keep printing precision. If you're interested in it, please feel free to contact with Nancy.

  • Flat & Round Screen Printing Machine

    The screen printer can print both flat and cylindrical products. Like disposable bowl and bowl's lid. You only need to change the jig. It also can print conical products. All function is controlled by Miro-computer,high automatic and easy operation.

  • Erlenmeyer Flask Silk Screen Printer

    Screen printing machine for conical bottles. It's a customized screen printer for printing on conical bottles, erlenmeyer flask etc. The screen frame is made according to the conical bottles shape. It can print about 800 bottles/hr. Driven by pneumatic, easy to operate.

  • 5 Color Pad Printer for Golf Ball

    It's for special designed for printing golf balls. Installed 2 pcs rotary 90 degree devices, can print 3 sides at one time. 2 colors on front & back side, 1 color on right side. It's the best suitable machine for printing golf balls. We also can produce fully automatic golf ball pad printer according to customers' demands.

  • Automatic Stationery Ruler Screen Printing Machine

    It's a automatic rotary silk screen printer. For printing 15, 20, 30 cm ruler, sets square, protractor. Easy to change for printing different rulers. Can print 2 or 4 pcs at a time, 1000 ~ 1200 cycles/hr. That means can print 2000 ~ 4800 rulers per hour. Can choose to dry by UV or LED UV. We have sold the screen printing machine to Deli, Cello, Camlin, etc stationery companies.

  • Brazil customer buy automatic pad printer for printing demo lens

    The pad printer is for printing eyeglasses lens. Loading, printing, un-loading, drying automatically, print 2 colors at a time, 1000 pairs/hr. With adjustable loading stack, can be suitable for printing different diameters lens.

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