• Q How to pay ?

    A We accept wire transfer, L/C at sight, Paypal.
  • Q How to ship our machine ?

    A We can arrange to ship by courier, by sea or by air according to your demands.
  • Q How to choose correct silk screen mesh?

    A 1) what’s type of ink use?
    Water based ink suitable for low density silk screen mesh(125-180mesh/inch)
    Solvent ink printing will be use middle density silk screen mesh(196-420mesh/inch)
    UV ink will be choose high density silk screen mesh(355-457mesh/inch)
    2) Printing products materials/surface
    If printing products with rough surface,it will be need more ink to get best printing ink cover rate,will be choose lower density silk screen mesh.
    If Printing products surface very smooth,it needs printing ink will be less,then should be choose high density silk screen mesh.
  • Q How to choose the suitable screen printer?

    A 1) the shape of the product you need to print, flat or round ?
    2) the max print size you need; 
    3) the print speed that you need;
  • Q How to choose the suitable pad printer?

    A There are 3 important factors to choose correct pad printer:
    1) How many color need to print
    2) the max print size you need 
    3) the print speed that you need
  • Q How to make silicon pad?

    A 1) Cleaning pad mould, put on balance place;
    2) Put silicon, silicon oil into a cup ;
    3) Mix it and wait 5 minutes ;
    4) Add hardener ;
    5) Mix again and wait 5 minutes;
    6) Put the mixed well liquid into the mould;
    7) Cover wood, wait 3 - 4 hours;
    8) Take it out, a silicon pad is finished; 

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