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  • Counter Wheels Pad Printing Machine
    Application: the pad printer can print 360 degrees. It's good for printing counter wheels, lamp holders, spark plug etc round objects.
  • How to Print Logo on Safety Helmet
    Four colors pad printing machine for safety helmet. The pad printer can print both the front and side of safety hat. Printing 4 colors by one time, driven shuttle worktable by servo motor to improve the print accurancy.
  • Servo Driven Screen Printing Machine for Plastic Cups
    Servo Driven Screen Printing Machine for Plastic Cups. The screen printer can print multi colors on kinds of cylindrical objects without anchor point. Like paper cups, plastic cups, glass mugs etc.
  • Screen Printing Machine for Yoga Belt
    This is a 2 color servo motor screen printing for printing on Yoga belt. The print size can be 80*1500mm, driven screen printing head by servo motor with high accurancy. 2 Workstations, can load and print at the same time, reduce the machine stop time. UN-Loading manipulator also is driven by servo motor.
  • Heat Transfer Machine for Plastic Egger Tray
    It's flat heat transfer machine for plastic egger cartons. Compared screen printing machine, saving cost, improve output. It can transfer multi colors by one time.
  • Automatic 2 Color Milk Tea Cup Screen Printing Machine
    The automatic screen printer is for printing logos on plastic bottles, paper cups, glass bottles, soft tubes etc cylindrical products without registration point with multi colors. Driven print head left / right by servo motor, 360 degrees rotary driven by servo motor with high precision.
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