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Infrared Tunnel Drying Machine Sold to Philippines

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Infrared Tunnel Drying Machine


    It is suitable for drying kinds of materials products such as textile,flag,banner,aluminum sheet,glass,paper,plastic etc  after screen printing/painting/hot setting adhesive,inkjet printing etc. It is designed for lab and mass production.This conveyor belt system has quiet varying-speed motor,when the dryer is various loads, speed -adjusting driver and the speed of conveyor are Uniform,the height between belt and lamps can be adjusted,it is suitable for kinds of objects with different size.

Technical Parameter:

1. Power: 380V, 3 Phase;

2. Drying area length: 600mm ;

3. Drying unit: 3 units ;

4. Heating Lamp: 800W * 8 pcs / unit ;

5. Drying temperature: Room ~ 200 degrees ;

6. Total wattage: 20 kw ;

7. Using Teflon belt ;

8. Belt quantity: 2 pcs ;

9. The two belts can be controlled separately ;

10. The height between belt & floor: 750mm ;

11. Oven dimension: 7000*1000*1300mm ;

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