Keyboard Ink Cup Pad Printer

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Machine Speed:800 pcs/hr

Plate Size:150*650MM

Package:Exported Plywood

Payment Terms:T/T, L/C, Paypal
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For printing kinds of letters on keyboard; 


1.SCM IC compile action program,kinds of printing model option;

2. Auto 4-digit counter built-in, and stat. Printing quantity;
3. Special pad mould, it is simple to change;
4. Full set special pad printing heads for keyboard;
5. Airframe adopts coin alloy, and metal coating surface;
6. Installing safety-shelf, fitting to European safety standard;
7. Worktable, printing head can be adjusted X.Y.Z direction;
8. Sucking ink and the pressure of printing pad can be adjusted independently;
9. The stroke of scraper can be adjusted;
10. It has function of leveling ink by sliding automatically on front /back, this can avoid printing ink partial solidification;
11. The speed of all the cylinders have an independent regulator valve;
12. Adopts original Japan SMC and Taiwan MINDMAN pneumatic component;
13. Each adjustable location has scale logo;
14. Unique design of uplift machine body, it is convenient to adjust machine andChange steel plate;
15. It has the function of forbidding the pad fallen when no air pressure enter into;
16. The machine is running fast, it is steady and low voice;

Technical parameter:

1. Power: 110/220V, 50-60HZ 

2. Air pressure: 5~7bar 

3. Action model option: Auto /semi-auto/manual 

4. Start-up method: Panel/pedal 

5. Scraper working style: Pneumatic mechanical valve 

6. Scraper pressure controller: Pressure regulating Valve 

7. Steel plate size: 150*650mm 

8. Machine speed: 600 ~ 800times/hr 

9. Max printing area: 130*400mm 

10. Transverse stroke: 600mm 

11. Vertical stroke: 75mm 

12. Ink cup diameter: 140mm 

13. Round blade material: ceramic | tungsten steel


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