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Hot Stamping Machine for Cosmetic Jars Sold to Ukraine

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Hot Stamping Machine for Cosmetic Jars Sold to Ukraine

The hot foil stamping machine can be suitable for stamping both flat and round products. Like gift boxes, bottle wine caps, plastic lids, cosmetic jars, shampoo bottles, etc ... 

Using micro computer control system, easy to set and operate; The stamping pressure, temperature and time can be adjusted. Automatic foil feeding and collecting system. 


Control Panel:

  1. setting stamping pressure 

  2. setting stamping temperature 

  3. setting stamping time 

  4. choose to stamp flat or round products 

  5. manual settings

  6. kinds of switches 

Heating Part:

  1. heating plate - the hot stamping plate is fixed on this plate

  2. No of heating wires:10pcs

  3. machine size: 1150*650*1700mm

  4. machine weight: 380kg

  5. packing size: 1200*700*1850mm

  6. machine weight: 470kg



Hot stamping plate

  1. stamping plate size: L350*W150mm

  2. stamping diameter: 100mm

  3. foil width: 150mm

  4. worktable left/right stroke: 350mm

  5. automatic foils feeding & collecting device

  6. driven shuttle worktable by cylinder

Hot stamping machine

  1. Model: HX-300Q

  2. Stamping head stroke: 50mm

  3. Machine speed: 800 pcs/hr

  4. Heating power: 2000W

  5. Air consuption: 68L/Min

  6. Air supply: 5 ~ 7bar



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